It seems a miracle to be alive on the only planet in the universe where life has evolved. Life in all its forms with all its interactions in diverse ecosystems is fascinating to me. I am delighted to present this webpage that highlights the beauty of our natural world from my personal viewpoint. In particular I wish to emphasize the essence of plants for our existence. Through the process of photosynthesis, taking up energy from the sun and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they provide our food, oxygen, water recycling and climate stability. To increase our understanding, I present visualizations of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane. Grounded in scientific data, these representations underscore their impact on our atmosphere and climate, urging us towards responsible environmental action. In all ecosystems fungi and bacteria play an often overlooked, but vital role. With meticulously staged and unconventionally cultured subjects, I aim to show the different intricate relationships these microorganisms have with other living beings. These interactions maintain ecological balance and nutrient cycling. Please join me in this exploration of nature's brilliance. Together, let us embrace the artistry of the natural world while acknowledging the vital importance of ecological harmony and preservation.